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Pearl Education

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Necklace Length Guide

Common Necklace Lengths

The length of your pearl necklace can make or break an outfit, or a style that you're trying to emulate. This guide should help you figure out what necklace length works best for your style and physique.

The most common length for necklaces is the Princess length, usually 18". Necklaces smaller than 17" are chokers, and collars fit very closely to the neck are usually 10-14". Matinee length necklaces run from 20-24" and Opera-length strands of pearls fall in a 28-34" range, while pearl lariats (also called ropes) run 40" or longer.

Choosing a Necklace According to Height

In general, necklaces should be proportionate to your height. Matinee and Opera necklaces usually work better for petite women while pearl lariats tend to look best on taller women as very long ropes can make a short woman look even shorter as if she's playing dress-up. However, convention can always be defied and longer ropes are very versatile in that they can be wrapped around multiple times and worn as a multi-strand pearl bracelet or sash.

We are proud to offer elegant lariats in 65", 82" and 100" lengths so you can have the opportunity turn heads regardless of your personal style and how tall you are.

The Best Pearl Necklace Sizes By Face Shape

Jewelry should accentuate your best features and ameliorate the ones you feel less confident about. If your face is heart-shaped, oblong, or square then shorter necklaces will make for a more flattering visage. Chokers and Princess necklaces help diminish sharper or more elongated features, whereas longer necklaces like Matinee lengths or Opera and lariat multi-strand wrap-arounds help lend a longer and leaner jaw line to round faces. 

How Different Necklaces Drape on Your Body

Our popular Matinee and Opera length pearl necklaces may fall at different places depending on your height and other physical features. To help you figure out which length is the best for the outfit you have in mind, this chart details where our pearl necklaces will typically drape on your body and what kinds of outfits they best lend themselves to.

Length Style Name Body Positions Outfits & Styles
17-19" Princess Falls at collarbone Princess length necklaces are the most common because they are so versatile. They work well with all styles including business attire.
20-24" Matinee Just past collarbone to center of bust, depending on height Matinee length necklaces are best with clothing that does not bare cleavage as they will be competing for attention. Perfect for elongating facial features, the popular 20" Matinee necklace is well-suited for formal wear, business attire, or simply jazzing up a casual outfit.
28-34" Opera Falls just below breastbone and draws attention to your chest Traditionally worn in one very long strand, or knotted at the chest. Our 29" Opera pearls are optimal for formal occasions or to be the sole accessory of a casual outfit like a tunic and leggings or Little Black Dress.
40"+ Rope/Lariat Can change length to be worn as a multi-strand neck-lace or bracelet. Below navel if not wrapped Extremely long lariats can infuse even the simplest outfits with timeless glamor. 40", 42" and 48" lariats can be wrapped around the neck 2-3 times to look like you are wearing multiple Matinee or Opera length strands. Our 65", 82", and 100" lariats can be strung around the shoulder in a toga style to add dramatic flair to a backless dress. Lariats can also be wrapped around the wrist as a multi-strand bracelet, or even as a belt or sash. The possibilities are endless!