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Design Philosophy

HinsonGayle Design Philosophy

Beautiful jewelry with unique flare, reflecting the best of the past and today – all with unmatched HinsonGayle quality.

Life is rich and in the living as they say, and our products are made to accompany you on your journey. Dress up and dress down with HinsonGayle jewelry. Wear it every day – and let it remind you of how rich and precious your life is.

HinsonGayle offers accessible and beautifully distinctive jewelry combining impeccable quality with enduring and fashionable styles. Our classic single strand round pearl designs are often superior in quality to high-end retail offerings, and are made available at distinctly more accessible prices. Our fashion designs have more contemporary influence, yet are produced with the same attention to detail as our more traditional designs.

We do not cater to the lowest common denominator in quality or price. Inexpensive, commercial grade department store pearls are not our competition. HinsonGayle jewelry is comparable, and often better, than the pearl jewelry found in the best high-end boutique jewelry stores.

We believe the moment of opening new jewelry should be magical. Therefore all HinsonGayle designs are packaged in elegant gift-ready boxes with pearl care guidelines and a soft velvet pouch for safekeeping.

People who do their research and want the best heirloom quality pearls are amazed at the value we offer.


The Eternal Collection

The Classics Something timeless is often what you reach for first. You remember the day you got it, and maybe who wore it before you. You count on its versatility — the perfect addition to a t-shirt and jeans or a little black dress. Our Eternal Collection exudes that same confidence, with elegance for every day.

The Intrigue Collection 

Not your Grandmother’s Pearls Everyone needs that one piece that demands a second look. Our head-turning Intrigue Collection contains Baroque pearls with perfect imperfections, like their oval or nugget shapes, and unmistakable sheen. Just a touch will make anything ordinary something special.

The Radiant Collection

When you want a little more glamour Brighten up any occasion with a little glitz. Our Radiant Collection brings sophisticated possibility to a lifestyle — whether you’re headed to the office, going out for a big event, or sharing a meal with friends. Long, multi-strands and lariats keep “anytime glamour” on-the-ready, every time.

The Wanderlust Collection

Rules don’t apply to free spirits. Our Wanderlust Collection longs to explore, incorporating exotic gemstones, colors and torsade twists. Each piece turns “a little something different” into bold statements of beauty and spontaneity, always ready for the next adventure.